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Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

Interview with Jim Gilmartin




M Y 

O N L Y  G R A N D P A R E N T 

A L I V E 

B Y  N I A M H D I L L O N

My Grandad’s  


  • Grandad was born in Grange on 23rd of may 1938 a year before World War 2

. • His Mammy was called Nora and his Dad was called James he was youngest of 7 siblings (1 brother and 6 sisters) but unfortunately1sister died as a baby.

  • My Great Grandad worked in the mines in USA for a while but returned to Grange. When my Grandad was 16 his Dad died from a heart attack.
  • Grandad grew up on a farm and 4 of his siblings moved to the UK later on (for work)

. • This is the original house that Grandad was born in.

  • Grandad married my Gran Patricia in 1972 and they had 3 children Jim, Paula and Brian. Patricia died in 2013.






  • Grandad went to Grange school .The same school as myself, my brothers ,his brothers and sisters and my godmother Rosin.
  • Grandad was never in trouble as he was the teachers pet.
  • He once told a true story it went like this.  

One day he was at school working hard. His teacher (Master Burke) then  

instructed him to go outside and cut some sally rods with his penknife so  

Master Burke could hit the bold child in the class.  

When Grandad came back he claimed he lost the penknife. The teacher was  

very fond of my Grandad and got no punishment. Cormac(my brother) thinks  

my Grandad threw it in the river so the other child did not get hit 

  • Grandads favourite teacher in school was Ms Kelly from the  

Island and she gave him a great love of Irish 

  • This is the school Grandad went to, it is now a pre school  

and dental surgery.



His jobs 

  • His first job was a waiter in Bundoran. 
  • His favourite job was a Garda for over 30 years in many places in Ireland
  • His least favourite job was picking stones in a field. 
  • He was a Bus Conductor in the UK for a summer. 


His hobbies

  • My Grandad has a wide selection of hobbies including reading, walking, watching the horses racing ,making Carigeen moss and many more.
  • When he was younger he sailed in Ireland and the Caribbean and he is very adventurous
  • My Grandad loves watching the birds although he does not like crows, magpies and seagulls because they steal all the little birds food

. • My Grandad also likes telling us stories about himself and history ( like Padraig Pearse and O’Connell) and we love to listen. 

  • .

The End 

I hope you liked my presentation THANK YOU

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