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Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

Hazelwood House


My Local History Project

Hazelwood House


By Hollie Kerins 

Location and Architecture

Hazelwood House is situated in Calry.It is two miles from Sligo town.

The architect who designed the house also designed Leinster House,Powerscourt House and Westport House which I have visited three times.

Hazelwood House has a main block with three storeys. It has a two storey wing on either side connected to the main block by a single storey quadrant.

Since the House was built the house has seen several decades of neglect and alteration.

Ownership History  

The Wynne Family is the family who owned Hazelwood House from 1722 to 1923. A year before they left they sold animals and machinery on the farm.

Up until 1930 the house was empty but then from 1930 to 1937 it was let to Mr. Berridge who renovated and redecorated the house. The remaining land was sold for £20,000.

During World War 2, the Irish Army occupied the house.

In 1946 St. Columbas mental Hospital bought it and used it for patients for twelve years until it was bought by a company and they built a factory behind it.

The house is now owned by a brewing company.

Interview with my Papa Ronnie 

What are your links to Hazelwood House?

My grandfather Terry Cregg lived and worked on Hazelwood Estate as a young boy and he was in charge of all the livestock. He lived on the estate until he got his own house which was on Hazelwood Avenue and that is where my Mother and her two sisters were born but the house which they grew up in is now demolished.

As a young boy I spent a lot of time out with my Grandfather helping him on his farm and we would often visit Hazelwood house.

As they had no cattle tags for cattle back then, he would stand at the gate as the cattle came through and he would be able to remember most of the cattle just by memory. 

He also had many cures including cures for the burn and excema but he never passed them down as we were too young before he died.

What do you remember of Hazelwood House when you were young?

I was in Hazelwood House as a young boy and it was so big, you would often get lost in it. They had a basement where they kept their eggs and vegetables and their cooking ingredients. As there was no refrigerators, the fridge was a cold dark room where it would stay at a constant cold temperature so food would not go off quickly.  

There was a drawbridge on Lough Gill behind Hazelwood House going between Hazelwood and Cairns Hill. This is how my Mother and Father used to visit each other before they got married. 

The Drawbridge was used to transport people and horses and carts from one side to the other. The bridge was a big wooden platform with railings. 

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