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Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

Eugene Gilbride Memorial Bridge


 Eugene Gilbride 

Allys great grandfather was an Irish politician and a farmer. He was a FIANNA  FAIL TD for Sligo Leitrim from 1948 until he retired in 1961 .He was also a member of Sligo county Council from 1925 until he died in 1972 . He fought in the War of Independence 1918 to 1922 and was in jail in Sligo and England for his part in the War of Independence. He escaped from Sligo Jail, was captured and was sent to Dartmoor Prison in England. 


 (Nicolas great grandpa was the Governer of Sligo jail Mr Moody) While in the free state army Eugene rose to the rank of Lieutenant general.a 

 Eugene went to W.B Yeats funeral in 1948 in Drumcliff. 


The bridge in Grange is called the Eugene Gilbride Bridge.                


  Grange Bridge

      By Ruairi Carroll &Oisin McElliott


  The bridge was opened in 1988.

It was named after the late Eugene Gilbride .

He was born in 1892 and  died in 1972

He was first elected to Sligo County Council in 1925 and never lost his seat until his death in 1972.

He was elected to Dail Eireann in 1948 and was re-elected at every election until he retired in 1969.


He was greatly involved in the War Of Independence.

He served as Captain in the 2nd Battalion Sligo Brigade, Western Division from 1919 until 1921.

He was involved in an ambush in Moneygold where 3 RIC officers were killed and 3 injured.

They took the  guns and ammunition from the armored truck but were caught at Lough Gill by the British Army. 

He was then sent to jail in Dartmoor England until the end of the war.


After he was released he took the Anti Treaty side in the Civil War.

He was appointed Vice Commanding Officer and then Commanding Officer of the old IRA in the Western Region. 






When the Civil War ended he returned to Barnadearg and farming.  He had 7 children and one of them was my Grandfather.  

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