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Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

Drumcliffe Round Tower and Church


The Round Tower at Druncliffe was built between the year 900 and 1200. 

The round tower was part of a monastery which had been founded by St.Colmcille in the year 574 on land donated to him by a local king. St.Colmcille was born in 521, he moved to Iona in Scotland in 563 and he died in 597.

In the year 1267 the monastery at Drumcliffe suffered extensive fire damage and in 1396 the monastery was struck by lightning.

The round tower is about nine meters high above the ground and the diameter is almost 5 metres wide.

The door in the round tower is 1.75 meters above the ground. 

The tower was used as a bell tower for warning people about the Vikings, and it was also used for hiding people from the Vikings.

Across the road from the tower there is a High Cross.

The celtic high cross was part of the monastery

and it was built in the 9th century. These crosses were used to show stories from the Bible to the people who could not read or write.

Carvings on the cross show scenes from the bible, such as Adam and Eve, Daniel in the Lion’s Den and Christ on the east face and the Crucifixion on the west face.  There are also some decorations on it such as celtic knots.

Near the high cross there is the shaft of another high cross which hasn’t survived as well. 

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