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Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

About Grange


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How Grange has Changed
by ZelieMcCaughey  January 2018

There were seven pubs in Grange village around fifty years ago. •Langs was a pub, a grocery shop and a clothes shop.                                                    •Watters Pub which later became Rooneys was a Post office as well as a pub. •The furniture shop ‘Wooden it be Nice’ was a pub called Kilfeathers which later became a grocery shop and supermarket.                                                       •Barrys Pub was was owned by Frank Sweeney.  •The Diamond Bar was run by Gilmartins  and prior to that by Derek Monds. •Opposite Grange Post Primary School there was Moffits Pub which was  demolished in the early 2000’s. •Morans Pub was run by Jim Leonard as a pub, grocery and an under takers business. •In 2018 only two pubs remain, Langsand Morans. •Grange Fair Days were big events for the locality at the time. •They usually took place once a month and twice in June on the village street. •Cattle, sheep and pigs were traded at the fair. •Grange Mart trading cattle and was an important business in the locality in the 80’s and 90’s. This is the site where Grange Filling Station is now located. •SuperValuand SF are the largest businesses in Grange now. 

Grange Village. 

A Project by Catherine Tsvikovych

Grange located in an area of outstanding scenic beauty between BenBulben mountin and the Atlantic ocean.

Grange village was once a stronghold of the O’Harte and O’Connor families

The name Grange itself comes from the Irish Gráinseach from granary that once stood there

A large granary or storehouse from which Grange gets its name,stood where the catholic church now stands

In 1604 a new castle and 7 cottages were built by Hugh Ó Hart

In the 17th century the village belonged to the people who owned Boyle Abbey

After 1641 rebellion the land was granted to Thomas Soden

He received his grant on 13 of April 1668 under Act of Setlement

Streedagh beach near Grange presents a perfect place of golden wave-lapped sands and perfect waters

Three Spanish Armada ships La Lavia, Juliana? and Santa Maria de vision were lost at Streedagh? Strand.

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