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By Maria Clare Mc Caughey


Who is W.B.Yeats?


William Butler Yeats is a famous Irish poet, dramatist and prose writer. 

He was one of the greatest English-language poets of the 20th century. 

He was born on June 13,1865 in Sandymount, Dublin, Ireland. 

His parents were called John Butler Yeats and Susan Pollexfen and he had two sisters and one brother. 

He was educated in Ireland and in England. He was a Protestant and a member of the Anglo-Irish community. 


Project 2

William Butler yeats 

by Esther McDonnell     

W.B. Yeats was born on the 13thof June 1865 in Sandymount, Dublin.

He went to school in Sandymount, Dublin and London.

He went to Sligo on his holidays and loved Sligo.

He was an Irish poet and founder of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

He loved a woman called Maud Gonne but did not marry her.

By Esther McDonnell

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