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Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

Robert Gore Booth


Sir Robert Gore-Booth was born on the 25th of August 1805 in Bath, in England and died on the 21st of December 1875.

Sir Robert Gore-Booth was an Arctic explorer who loved to fish and to hunt animals.

Reports state that during the Great Famine he mortgaged his estates and assisted his tenants by both providing them with food and refusing any rent.

His rich friends, after they came back from exploring, brought him back trees and plants to Lissadell House and they are still there today.

His wife died while giving birth to their child. The baby died as well. Sir Robert was so heartbroken he smashed down his house and then built Lissadell House.

His second wife missed him so much when he went away exploring that she ordered the local builders and farmhands to dig a lake and put exotic fish in there, hoping that he would stay at home in Lissadell, but he chose not to and kept exploring other countries.

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