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Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

Rinroe Bridge


Rinroe was a small village just outside Grange. 

It had approximately 12 families living in the village of Rinroe well over 100 years ago The main jobs that people did in Rinroe was farming. From my interview with Mr John Gillen, a native of New Grange, he told me that more than one person moved out of Rinroe to find work in England or America. He remembered a Mrs Cowain who came home from America after leaving in the late 1800s. Two men, one from Curry, the other from Tubbercurry, settled in Rinroe and got married after returning from America during the Gold Rush in the 1850s Patsy barry another local man was born in Rinroe. His mother is said to have bought Barry’s pub in Grange village after winning a large sum of money in a big competition. Rinroe overlooks the dunes of Streedagh point where three ships belonging to the Spanish Armada were wrecked in 1588. To cross the river at Rinroe to get to Streedagh’s back strand there is a bridge but for a long time the villagers of Rinroe had to cross the river by stepping stones. The stepping stones where there for hundreds of years until recently when Sligo Council moved them during some building work. There is a walk that circles Rinroe from Grange to Streedagh road. Check it out on

Rinroe Bridge

Grange river runs through Rinroe and under the bridge at Rinroe. It is 1.81 kilometres long. Grange river runs next to Inishnagor river.

Rinroe is a small townland beside the village of Grange Co. Sligo. Rinroe is in the parish of Ahamlish, Thirteen living there.

The families that lived in Rinroe was the Watters, Gilmartins, Barrys, Mullarkys and the Mullaneys . There used to be stone to cross the riverand then the bridge was built over fifty years ago. Jeeps and tractors can drive through the river.

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By Aidan Gillen