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Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

Raughly Harbour

1.    Raughly is a fishing harbour located in Maugherow Sligo

2.    Raughly harbour was built in 1840

3.     Raughly harbour was designed by a famous Scottish engineer Alexander  Nimmo

4.     There was a coast guard station station beside the harbour

5.    Raughly harbour is located  4 miles from lissadell

6.    Raughly harbour at one time was one off the busiest harbours even having harbour pilots    

      working day and night

7.    The  harbour was built using rubble stone and slighly batterd Quaywalling and stone steps to

      the water

8.    In 2010 the harbour got a grant to restore and improve the harbour

9.    The harbour is still used today by local fisherman including my grandfather

10.   There used  to be 100 boats using the harbour but now a days now there is 9 to 10 boats

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