Access Keys:

Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

Gleniffe Horseshoe


Gleniff horseshoe is a senic drive or a long walk located in north sligo. It is not a horseshoe but  it is shaped like one. It is a six mile loop surrounded by spectacular views

High up toward the summit you will see a dark opening of the cave. This is the highest cave in Ireland  It is rumored to be where Diarmuid and Grainne of myth and legend stayed while on the run from Fionn.

  Barrytes mining was carried out on Benbulben at Glencarbury from 1894-1979  It is a naturally occuring mineral.  It has many uses, from paints, plastics, pottery etc ...  It blocks radiation and is easily ground into a fine white powder. Becouse of this it is used in x-ray rooms and power stations to protect people from radiation. A mill was also built for the barrytes minerals  Some of its remains still stand today  You can visit the site on your journey around the Glenniff Horseshoe. Many people visit the area for hiking, hill walking and sight seeing.  You should go. By Zara Thompson     The End  

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