Access Keys:

Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

Benwiskin and Benbulben


Benbulben was formed when Ireland was under glaciers during the Ice Age. Its unusual shape came about when glaciers moved northeast and southwest giving it it’s iconic sloped appearance. It stands at 526m above sea level and is named after a Gaelic Chieftain and means Gulban’s Head. It is widely known as the ‘Table Mountain’ because of its flat surface. It is home to a variety of plants and possesses some organisms found nowhere else in Ireland. Foxes, hares, sheep, deer and many insects inhabit Benbulben. W.B Yeats put it on the world map by writing about it in his famous poetry.

Legend has it that this unique mountain was the hunting grounds for Fionn Mc Cumhaill and the Fianna. It is also said to be the final resting place of Diarmuid and Grainné who are two of Ireland’s most legendary mythical couples.

Benbulben is an established hiking destination which attracts hundreds of climbers every year. On a day with good visibility stunning views can be seen not only of Co. Sligo but of Co. Donegal and Croaghpatrick in Co. Mayo.

Climbing this majestic mountain with my family is on my list of things to do this summer. I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful county and to wake up to views of Benbulben every morning.