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Scoil Naomh Molaise, Grange, Co. Sligo

Ardtarmon Castle




          Ardtarmon, Ballinfull, Co. Sligo by: Loretta Haran 

•Ardtarmon Castle was originally built in the Cromwell period in 1648 and it is located in the townland of Ardtarmon along the Sligocoast in Maugherow.  

•The castle’s original purpose was to command the sea approaches to Sligo town. Sir Paul Gore built the castle after being awarded land by Queen Elizabeth for successfully escorting Chieftains Rory O’Donnell and Sir Donough O’Connor to Athlone to submit to Queen Elizabeth.  

•Paul’s son, Francis became Knight of Ardtarmon and the direct ancestor to the Gore- Booth family formerly of Lissadell.         Aerial View of Ardtarmon Castle           

•The castle was the original home of the Gore-Booth family until a fire burned Ardtarmon to the ground in the early 18th Century, leaving just a shell of the castle standing.         

 •The Gore-Booth’s then moved to Lissadelland built Lissadell House where it stands today.   In the 1980’s the Schiller family relocated from Germany and rebuilt the castle to its former glory. The family rebuilt the home to the plans of the original castle and now reside in it and provide luxury self-catering accommodation      

•My granddad worked on the rebuilding of the castle for the Schiller family and both my family and my grandparents live directly across from the castle.     Information Cited in:

•LissadellPapers, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Crown Copyright 2007

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